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Our approach is perfectly simple: in order to find the right connection, we first establish a connection with you – and listen very carefully to what you tell us. After all, ZM does not consider itself to be just a supplier. We see ourselves as an active partner developing an outstanding hygiene product in collaboration with you. And your solution – where all the elements fit together perfectly.

And this development takes place in 4 process steps:



The starting point for all our solutions is detailed knowledge of the specific application (baby, adult, female, wipes, ect.). This is where the experience, knowledge and expertise of our product development team really pay dividends. We show you possibilities and alternatives and work with you to specify the perfect technical approach for the hygiene product’s materials solution.



Based on our knowledge of your particular requirement, we will provide the appropriate product for you with the parameters you specify.



Perfect integration into your production process is all-important when it comes to an efficient hygienic materials solution. We support you samples with advice and practical help, ranging from discussions with our competent contact persons through to engineer technical support.



We can be contacted at any time and offer a wide range of services, from maintaining a consignment stock to sharing newest material technology information.

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Sustainability, health and process excellence

Environmental and quality policies were used as the basis to issue guidelines for all employees, which they can use to derive their own individual objectives and as orientation in their day-to-day work. The guidelines also clearly explain to interest groups such as customers, suppliers and neighbours how our values, vision and mission are manifested in our actions. 

In addition, we have been researching and developing biodegradable hygienic materials for years, and established a team to develop the application of biodegradable materials in personal care products (such as cotton & corn & bamboo baby diaper/ pull ups/ sanitary napkins/ wet wipes/ breast pad, and their total biodegradable package) . Quality, environmental protection and product innovation have always been our goals.


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