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Analysis Of The Non-woven Fabric Industry

It is more than a year since the case of covid-19 was first reported. During 2020, covid-19 has swept across Europe. Many industries are facing shutdowns or closures. However, the global non-woven industry has begun to develop at a high speed. Non-woven service industries (medical, health, sanitation, wipes, and so on) were considered essential during the outbreak. The rapid growth in demand for medical equipment such as protective clothing, masks, and respirators means many companies will have to increase production or expand into new markets.

According to Jacob Holm, a maker of spunlaced fabrics, the production of raw materials for these hygiene products increased by 65% in personal protective equipment as demand increased. Jacob Holm increased production by solving the production problem. They will build a new global plant that will begin operations next year.

DuPont has been supplying the medical market with Tyvek nonwovens for years. The rapid spread of the virus has led to a demand for medical materials. Dupont is moving materials from other applications to the medical market. They also announced it would increase production capacity in Virginia to allow faster production.

In addition to the non-woven industry, traditionally not involved in the medical and PPR market, other enterprises also quickly take action. Construction and specialty products maker Johns Manville will also use melt blow materials made in Michigan for face masks and face masks. Production of spun-bonded nonwovens for medical use in South Carolina.

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