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Baby Diaper Market in India

Over the past seven years, the Indian infant growth rate at a compound annual rate of more than 20%, according to a report titled the Indian market for baby changing diapers 2022 by Bonafide Research. India’s baby diaper market booming, it is mainly due to the increase in disposable income and the improvement of the birth environment.

India has a population of about 1.2 billion, and infant diaper usage is still low compared to developed countries. As the world’s second most populous country, India’s income levels and population growth have increased significantly. As the government and industry continue to promote modern hygiene practices, there is an opportunity for demand to grow for products such as baby diapers and Feminine hygiene.

The Indian market for hygiene products continues to grow rapidly.

These are mainly due to an increase in the number of women in the disposable income, further information and education activities, and a large number of government and non-governmental organization initiatives. Increasing advertising and promotional activities have stimulated consumer demand by making consumers more aware of the convenience and importance of hygienic products.

For nonwovens, Toray Industries (India) , a subsidiary of Japan’s Toray Industries, launched a new production facility in Sri Lanka in 2018. The base has two factories, one of which is a polypropylene glycol nonwovens factory, which produces high-quality nonwovens for diapers.

TAtsumatsushita, general manager of the human growth hormone performance nonwovens business at Toray industries, said, “Diapers are the largest application area in the health product market and the largest market for polypropylene glycol spunbonding. As India’s economy grows, personal incomes rise and lifestyles change, demand for the Yuan will increase. Moreover, as its population grows, India has one of the highest birth rates. As a result, many manufacturers of health products have expanded into the Indian market. They are also looking for high-performance polypropylene glycol materials to improve the performance of their products.

India’s market share in baby diaper brands has long fluctuated.

Previously, major brands in the market included Procter & Gamble’s pampers and Cadbury’s curiosity. But the market’s new entrant, the Unionist mother and baby diapers, has grown into a major competitor and has overtaken kimberly-Cluck in market share.

Many manufacturers believe India’s baby diaper market could overtake China’s in the next few years. This potential growth has prompted major producers to invest heavily in product innovation and development to gain a competitive advantage.

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