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Demand for Epidemic Prevention Products Rises Again, the Price of Non-wovens will still rise!

 In the beginning of 2021, with the increase of confirmed cases in Hebei, Heilongjiang, Beijing and other regions, the demand for melt-blown cloth will surge. Will melt-blown cloth reach its peak again? With the second outbreak of public health incidents in China, the demand for medical supplies such as masks and protective clothing has increased, and the orders of domestic non-woven nonwoven enterprises have increased sharply. From the perspective of meltblown nonwoven enterprises, all enterprises are producing at full capacity. Many manufacturers said that the order has been arranged after the Spring Festival. In terms of enterprise price, the price has increased significantly. Especially in the middle of January, the price has increased sharply from 18,000 yuan/ton to 25,000 yuan/ton, an increase of 7,000 yuan/ton. In terms of start-up rate, the overall start-up rate of domestic non-woven fabric enterprises has been at a high level since the public health event in 2020. In terms of the start-up rate of melt-blown fabric enterprises, orders of melt-blown fabric enterprises showed a fault during June to December due to the stability of the epidemic, and the start-up rate showed a decline. Entering the second outbreak of domestic public health events in 2021, domestic

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Product Knowledge

The Diaper Closure System

In recent years, with the continuous growth of the diaper market, diaper-related materials and new technologies have also ushered in rapid development. At present, there are many kinds of diapers, mainly open-closed diapers and closed-type pull-up pants, and so on. This article mainly introduces the development and the new trend of the open-close diaper closure system. 1、The main components of the diaper closure system What we call an open-and-close diaper closure system consists mainly of the following parts: frontal tape, side tape, elastic waistband. The whole closed system accounts for about 15% of the production cost of diapers. ts quality and performance is closely related to the quality and performance of diapers. The design of a perfect closed system is essential to the comfort of the diaper and helps to keep the diaper close to the body, preventing side and rear leaks and allowing the baby to move freely while wearing the diaper. 2. The development and current situation of the diaper closure system The development and present situation of material technology of frontal tape and side tape With the development of new material science and technology, the development of the closure system of open-and-close diapers has gone through several

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nappy manufacturing in south africa
Market Insights

Market Research In The Diaper Products Industry In Africa

There are 1.2 billion people in Africa, which is second only to that of China and India. The population of Africa is four times that of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product is $1,8 trillion, the size of the French economy. However, Africa is expected to be the next growth engine for the global economy after China. The future development prospect of the local nonwoven industry is also very noticeable. Feasibility of local production Recently, many foreign investors are increasing their investment in the diaper industry in Africa. There is a sign of the continent’s increasing industrialization. They need to meet domestic supply through the establishment of local factories. It remains to be seen, however, whether this will lead to a sustainable development trend? Whether Africa will remain the main source of most raw materials and the import zone for most consumer goods and equipment. In the hygiene and non-woven industry, it is common to judge whether a country’s market for sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wipes, and adult incontinence products is up and running based on the country’s purchasing power in dollars. Sanitary napkins are usually the first non-woven sanitary product purchased by female consumers, starting with a country’s average purchasing

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baby diaper india
Market Insights

Baby Diaper Market in India

Over the past seven years, the Indian infant growth rate at a compound annual rate of more than 20%, according to a report titled the Indian market for baby changing diapers 2022 by Bonafide Research. India’s baby diaper market booming, it is mainly due to the increase in disposable income and the improvement of the birth environment. India has a population of about 1.2 billion, and infant diaper usage is still low compared to developed countries. As the world’s second most populous country, India’s income levels and population growth have increased significantly. As the government and industry continue to promote modern hygiene practices, there is an opportunity for demand to grow for products such as baby diapers and Feminine hygiene. The Indian market for hygiene products continues to grow rapidly. These are mainly due to an increase in the number of women in the disposable income, further information and education activities, and a large number of government and non-governmental organization initiatives. Increasing advertising and promotional activities have stimulated consumer demand by making consumers more aware of the convenience and importance of hygienic products. For nonwovens, Toray Industries (India) , a subsidiary of Japan’s Toray Industries, launched a new production facility

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