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Development of Air through Nonwovens for Disposable Hygiene Products


1. Application of Air Through Nonwovens

2. Factors Affecting the Characteristics of Air Through

3. Market Trend for Air Through – Fiber Change

4. market Trend for Air Through – Post Treatment

Consumer demand for hygiene products

Application of air through for hygiene products

What is air through nonwovens


Air through nonwoven is a carded nonwoven with stable fiber formed and reinforced by hot air process.

*Material characteristics

Use bicomponent fiber

And Some components melt and weld to each other when heating

Spots bonding, not area bonding

In addition, Big gap between fibers, good softness and high bulk

Factors Affecting air through NW features

Market trend for air through nonwovens

1.Fiber fineness & softness

2. Application of new spin finish

3. Special fibers added

4. Application of post-treatment

Is the fine-fiber NW more likely to fuzz?

In this paragraph, let’s check test data.

Lint comparison of Air through/Spunlace/Spunbond

Market trend for air through New spin finish

Special fiber

Application examples Adding PLA fiber

Firstly, derived from corn starch, fermented into lactic acid, and then synthesized into polylactic acid, which is made into PLA fiber through melt spinning.

Secondky, add in small amounts to air through nonwoven, generally 5%-20%, PLA fibers do not participate in bonding

Thirdly, PLA fiber can be degraded, but bicomponent fibers can not be degraded, and such nonwovens can be partially degraded.

Fourth, PLA fiber degradation status after 3 months

Market trend for air through Aperturing

Post treatment —— Aperturing

A pattern with holes makes top sheet or back sheet of hygiene products more beautiful. This is usually achieved by a set of heated male and female rollers.

For instance:

Comparison of nonwoven properties

Market application of aperturing Baby diapers

For instance:

Sanitary napkins

For instance:


Post treatment Embossing

Air through shows beautiful pattern after heating and embossing. We can use for the top sheet of feminine care or baby care products and delivers an elegant texture.

Market trend for air through Lamination

Post treatment Lamination

Two or more layers of materials are bonded together by gluing, heating or ultrasonic bonding.

And aperturing, embossing, 3D, or a combination of these processes is achieved. Gives the material a 3D bulging or denting effect.

Market application of lamination materials

For instance:

Market trend for air through Coating

Post treatment Coating

Spraying or coating hydrophilic finish oil, skin care lotion, fragrances to give the material special properties. Such as skin-friendly, soft, and good smell, etc.

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