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How to measure the basic weight of nonwoven

Any object has weight. Just like the non-woven fabric we mentioned today, how is the weight of the non-woven fabric calculated?

In the calculation of the weight and weight of the non-woven fabric, 4 units are commonly used, one is the code, the English yard, referred to as Y; the second is the meter, the English meter, referred to as m, the third is the gram, the English gram, referred to as the gram, the fourth is Mm, referred to as mm.

1.the length

In terms of specifications, the code and the meter are both calculated lengths, but there is a particularity here. This concept is also used to distinguish between experts and non-experts. Because the non-woven fabrics are all one roll, the height of the roll is called width, and the meter is used. Said that the common specifications are generally 2.40 meters, 1.60 meters, 3.2 meters.

2. Weight and thickness

Since there are length and width, is there a thickness unit? Yes, yes, the gram is used to calculate the thickness, gram, is the square gram weight, that is, why does g/m^2 not use millimeters? In fact, it is also useful Millimeter, but less used, this is an industry rule, in fact, the square gram weight can be equal to the thickness of the millimeter, because the weight of the non-woven fabric is between 10g/m2 ~ 320g / m2.

3. hardness (feel) / gloss

At present, there are very few tests on non-woven hardness equipment in the market, which are generally measured by hand/gloss.

4. the tensile parameters of the non-woven fabric.

The non-woven fabric has longitudinal and transverse tensile parameters. If it is irregularly drawn and melt-blown, the longitudinal and transverse tensile forces are not much different.

Under gravity, the weight and mass are equivalent, but the units of measurement are different. A weight of 1 kg of material produced by an external force of 9.8 Newton is called 1 kg. The mass unit is usually used instead of the weight, which is implicitly multiplied by the acceleration of gravity. In the old days of China, Jin and two were used as weight units. Pounds, ounces, carats, etc. are also used as weight units.

Commonly used quality units are: micrograms (ug), milligrams (mg), grams (g), kilograms (kg), tons (t), and the like.

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