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Non-woven Drive Growth Of Russia’s Light Industry

In recent years, the impact of the financial crisis, Russia’s light industry is facing many challenges. It is predicted that nonwovens will inject vigor into the development of the light industry. As the Russian national economy gradually emerges from the shadow of the financial crisis and develops further, demand for nonwovens from major consumer industries continues to grow. Russia’s nonwovens industry may set a new record in 2019.

The nonwovens sector grew 35 % in 2019 from 2017 to $1.2 billion, according to estimates by analysts at Russia’s Ministry of Industry and trade. At present, judging from the annual compound growth rate, product types, and end-use, nonwovens are still the most promising sector of the light industry in Russia. Russia’s financial crisis led to domestic non-woven fabric prices, resulting in a reduction in market consumption. With the recent recovery in the market, many producers are hoping to return as soon as possible to their pre-crisis positions of six years ago.

An analysis by the Russian textile and Light Industry Manufacturers Association shows Russia’s decision to continue investing in nonwovens for the defense sector as part of its investment in the Pentagon statement 7, $5 million for the design of new industrial textiles and nonwovens for military use in response.

In addition, the diaper and sanitary products industry is the most attractive investment area by the non-woven fabric industry and the technical textile industry in Russia. On diapers, according to local analyst’s forecasts, its output and market size will increase by 15% to 20%, and the growth rate will accelerate in the next few years. In 2018, Russian diaper market sales reached 6.7 billion rubles ($120 million). Manturov said the figure is relatively low and he believes the local market has 8-10 times the growth potential.

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