Cross-fold Wet Wipes Machine


Pocket Baby Wipes
On-the-go Disinfectant Wipes
On-the-go Antibacterial Wipes
Makeup Removal Wet Wipe
Facial Wet Tissue
Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes

Details about Cross-fold Wet Wipes Machine

  • What types of wet wipes can this machine make?mini wet wipes 180x180 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)2 尺寸自主统一 logo打马赛克 180x180 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

It is designed to make a vast variety of cross-folded wet wipes in a pack of 5-40 sheets such as mini wipes, pocket wipes, portable baby wipes, bed bath towel, refreshing wet tissue, skin care wet wipes, antibacterial wet wipes, disinfecting wipes, sanitizing wet wipes, makeup removal wipes, personal hygiene wipes, and intimate wipes.

  • Is It a wet tissue converting machine or a packaging machine?
  • What’s its structure?

It is a composite of TWO PARTS:

Wet Tissue Converting Machine +  Wet Tissue Packaging Machine.

  • Converting machine:

2020 06 05 09 23 10 300x225 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

(1) Nonwoven loading stations (2) Auto Splicing system (3) Multi-dimensional folding device (4) Precise On-line liquid supply (wetting system) (5) Tissue cutting system (6) Auto stacking system(7)Joints detection &rejection system

  • Packaging machine:

(1) Servo Driven in-feed system (2) Double labeling system(3)Double packing system(4) Auto splicing system (5) Auto die-cutting system (6) CPU Controlled system (7) Multi-dimension bag former (8) Trimming unit (9)Reciprocating sealing system

  • Is It wet tissue machine a high-speed line?
  • Capacity Speed

It features high speed that is faster than 99% similar cross-fold wet wipes machines on the market.

Converting speed: 1500 pcs/min    *    Packaging speed: 100packs/min

Wet wipes machine - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

  • Can we make different sizes on this wet wipes machine
  • What would be the size range

Yes, we know how much flexibility you need for product diversity to develop your own competitive advantage

That’s why our cross-fold wet wipes machine is designed to handle a broader range of product dimensions:

  • Open tissue size:(140-200)x(100-200) mm
  • Folded tissue size:(70-100)x(40-100) mm
  • Packing size:(100-200)x(40-105)x(5-80)mm (Can make mini/pocket wipes)

Ease of Operation

  1. Tissue & Packing length and width size changed by servo system, no mechanical adjustment needed
  2. Easy and quick change over between different formats

In compliance with FDA GMP Norm

  • This wet wipes Machine design is in compliance with FDA GMP norm in terms of hygiene & safety standard that caters to contract manufacturing needs of Top International Brands.
  • All conveyor belts are food-grade, anti-bacterial for hygienic product transfer
  • 304L /316L Stainless steel is applied to the cover of the machine and main spare parts in contact with lotion and fabric

Great Capacity Utilization

  • This cross-fold wet wipes machine is fitted with an on-line Non-stop automatic non-woven splicing system.
  • Labor-free auto splice system makes for non-stop operation, a great capacity utilization with minimum manpower, and wastage rate.
  • Metal tap joints can be rejected automatically.

1 尺寸自主统一 300x210 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

cross fold wet wipes machine 1030x579 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

Meet your Eco claims

  • Easy to handle with All types of biodegradable(Flushable) and natural materials for wet wipes.

Work Flow

Automated Non-woven loading→ tension control → tissue slitting →tissue folding→ Precise online wetting→ tissue cutting→ tissue stacking & counting →tissue wait-in-line→automated tissue delivery to packaging machine→ bag forming →die-cutting→ labeling→ gusseting →auto air → sealing→ finished product output.

No compromise on Quality
WechatIMG7684 300x300 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

WechatIMG7683 300x300 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

  • Output product type: 5-40wipes/pack
  • Full automatic: tissue converting machine + flow pack packaging machine (No Human Intervention)
  • Work flow: Auto material loading → tissue slitting → Tissue folding→ online wetting → tissue cutting →stacking & counting →auto tissue delivery to packaging machine → punching →labeling →sealing →finished product output
  • Capacity: Converting speed: 1500pcs/min | Packaging speed: 100 packs/min (Subject to material types)
  • Control system:PLC+ Full servo driven system
  • Suitable material: [35-80gsm] spun-lace nonwoven/ biodegradable material
  • Open tissue size:(140-200)x(100-200) mm
  • Folded tissue size:(70-100)x(40-100) mm
  • Packing size:(100-200)x(40-105)x(5-80)mm
  • Folding ways: Crossfold
  • Wetting system: Quantitative online-wetting
  • Power: AC380V 50/60Hz | 20kw
  • Operation interface: Swing arm touch screen
  • Machine size: 10500×3800×2100 mm(L*W*H)
  • Machine weight: 8000kg

Machine Layout

2020 07 11 上午1.58.51 - UT-FL4 Cross fold Wet Wipes Machine (5-40Wipes/pack)

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