Fluff Pulp Absorbent SAP Paper for Sanitary Napkins

SAP Paper is used in the absorbent core for the sanitary napkins, panty liners

The instant absorbent paper can diffuse, absorb and lock the liquid instantly and tightly, prevent the liquid from side-leaking effectively.


We can adjust the width , SAP content , weight /sqm ( 120g/m2- 350g/m2 )as your requirements.

SAP brand: Sumimoto, TAISAP, SANDIA,LG….

Details about Fluff Pulp Absorbent SAP Paper for Sanitary Napkins


ItemAbsorbent SAP Paper (composite airlaid sap absorbent material)
Raw material/componentconstruction: SAP paper/tissue paper/nonwoven, sap, fluffy nonwoven
Workmanship techniccomposite, lamination
Standard widthfrom 55mm ~ 110mm, can cut as requested size
Minimum width50mm
Basic Weight90gsm-550gsm
PackagePacked in rolls strong poly bags outside
ColorsWhite color
Core diameter76mm
Tensile strength MD(N/5cm)≥4.5
Tensile strength CD(N/5cm)≥3.5


1. Absorption of water, oil, and other liquids quickly

2. Standardization of packaging can reduce warehouse costs

3. Point break style processing, easy to use

4. With a dedicated paper tray, and more convenient to use

5. Reusable and durable, cost savings

6.Mainly made of wood pulp and fiber,  A new type of hygienic material.

7.It has a strong capability of absorbing wet,  especially when mixed with a definite proportion of SAP

8.Absorption of water, oil, and other liquids quickly

9.Durable, high water absorbability

10.Can be Puffy also can be compaction.

11.Can add SAP inside.

12.Lower produce of tiny dust, lower content of ion.



1)Before the order can be confirmed finally we would strictly check the material, color, dimension of the sample step by step.

2)We salesman also as an order follower would trace every phase of production from the beginning.

3)We have a QC team, every product would be checked by them before packed.

4)We would try our best to help clients solve problems when they occurred.

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