ZM Full Lamination Baby Diaper Backsheet

Wide varieties baby diaper film with Softness, high elongation, high WVTR, high Breathability, low WVTR, or low Breathability are designed to meet demand. For different usage and purpose, the Microporous Polyethylene film able to adjust physical properties through resin composite and production…

Details about ZM Full Lamination Baby Diaper Backsheet

Main Feature

1. Exceedingly comfortable, it effectively avoids the shortcomings of PE apertured film which is less comfortable and can easily cause allergy.
2. With unique strikethrough process technology, it ensures the product with a feel of being dry, fresh and cool as well as a quick strikethrough.

3. Having a strong three-dimensional feel, it has a good effect against rewet.
4. With a high apertured film design, it enables blood clots and mucous membranes, etc. to strike through the layers and to keep the surface dry and clean.


190mm-380mm or as your request
18 Tons
Tension strength
As customer’s requirement
The micro embossed film, deep embossed film, printed microfilm, printed deep embossed film
As per the customer’s request
Tensile strength (MD)
>12 N/25mm
Tension strength (CD)
>9 N/25mm

If you’re looking for pe back sheet film for baby diapers, please be free to buy the high-quality products at competitive prices with us. As one of the leading PE Film manufacturers and suppliers in China, we’re always at your service. For a free sample, contact us now.

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