Full Servo Ordinary Baby Diaper Production Line

This is an ordinary baby diaper production line.
Product advantage: low cost.
Applicable Market: the domestic mainstream market in China and the foreign country market.
Machine operation: the machine operation difficulty is low, the production station of baby diaper product is less, and this equipment has been very mature.

Details about Full Servo Ordinary Baby Diaper Production Line


Design Speed700Pcs/min
Stable Speed500-600Pcs/min
Install Power380V50HZ, Tri-phase
Power Supply250KW
Product SizeS, M, L, XL(Customized)
Qualified Rate≥98%
Machine Size35M*6.0M*3M


1. Full Servo or frequency converter auto-controlling system with high automation.
2. Touch screen for man-machine conversation, controlled by PLC.
3. Precision machine main parts by CNC.
4. Automatic web guiding control system.
5. Automatic raw materials tension control.
6. Automatic calculating and recording all production dates.
7. Automatic quality control system, automatically reject the defectives.
8. Under European CE standard designing passed the CE certificate.
9. Compact design, easy operation.

Raw material list


NoRaw materialNoRaw material
1Back sheet N.W.8SAP+fluff pulp
2Side tape9Tissue
3Back sheet10ADL
4Frontal tape11Top sheet N.W.
5Elastic waistband12Leakage protection rubber
6Leg rubber13Hydrophobic N.W. leakage protection
7Down tissue

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