ZM White SMMS Nonwoven For Baby Diaper


Waterproof hydrophobic SMMS non woven fabric usually used in below areas

  • Sanitary accessories: baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkins and pantiliners.
  • Medical respirator, operation suit, insulation suit, patient suit, and so.
  • Labor protection: exposure suit, and so on.
  • Travel products: beach umbrella, callback bag, beach suit, and so on

Details about ZM White SMMS Nonwoven For Baby Diaper


SMMS has four layers: PP Spunbond Non-woven fabric+Meltblown Non-woven fabric+ Meltblown Non-woven fabric +PP Spunbond Nonwoven fabric. It has excellent softness, good filter, good strength & elongation, and good air permeability, high liquid permeability. And it can hold up and isolation dust, alcohol, blood plasma. And liquid, and bacilli, viruses affect. We can do UV treatment, anti-static treatment, flame-resistant, etc.

  • Width: As required
  • Basic weight: As required
  • Function: Wrapping core of the baby diaper
  • Raw materails:100% polypropylene
  • Loading:12tons/40HQ
  • Package: Plastic bags, pressboard at both ends, wrapped with PE film.


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