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Stretch Nonwoven Solution For Hygiene Products


1 . Stretch Evolution for Hygiene Products

2 . Spandex Characteristic and Application

3 . Innovation for Stretch Nonwoven

4 . Light Incontinences Market

Stretch Evolution for Hygiene Products

Function for Absorbent Hygiene Products

Absorbent Hygiene Products

1.1Classification of hygiene products and various elastics used

Stretch revolution of AHP: Leakage proof/ Fit, Comfort, Beautiful/ Effective recovery force/ Waist band recovery/ Waist wrap/ Hip wrap/ Ear tape…

Shell fabric+ Elastic

-higher production efficiency of nonwoven -cost effective

-auto-cut off

-auto- bonding

-textile function+ feature

1.2Body stretch and elastic material

1.3Balance of elasticity and comfort

  • Weak relation between spandex draft and recovery force
  • Max recovery percentage relative with draft
  • Elastic component less recovery/ force than spandex

Spandex Characteristic and Application

2.1Material characteristics of spandex

Draft up to 5.0

Effect draft 2.5-3.5

Stress-Strain curve demonstrate

Different modular different of supplier

Smooth SS curve >20% recovery

Stable strain even different draft >20% recovery

Spandex SS Curve

Stress & Strain during 100%~300% Elongation

2.2Application and solutions of spandex

Diaper stretch-visible tangible

Diaper-Fit & Leak-proof

Different elastic draft-visible

Speed ratio/two end recovery z Full recovery/middle draft

Different elastic material and component z Max recovery/remaining un-recovery

Capability of Leakage proof-tangible

band/cuff-leakage guard& fitexample P20/30 30-60g

Training pants upper waistband –anti-loose & comfortexample P20/30 70-120g

Training pants low waistband -Fit& comfortexample P20/30 60-100g

Un-linear relationship for elastic Stress-Strain curve

Two ways to detect spandex draft

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ZM team

Innovation for Stretch Nonwoven

New trend for stretch nonwoven

3.3Elastic materials used in pant type disposable hygiene products

Example –spandex for menstrual underwear/ incontinences

Component(100%el ongation)Recovery /%4hrs12hrsWaist width /cm
Upper waistband with spandex*2.39593
Lower band with spandex*2.3959218

Example-Elastic film

Example –Elastomer

Example- Active stretch nonwoven

Example-Full stretch nonwoven

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