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The Diaper Closure System

In recent years, with the continuous growth of the diaper market, diaper-related materials and new technologies have also ushered in rapid development. At present, there are many kinds of diapers, mainly open-closed diapers and closed-type pull-up pants, and so on. This article mainly introduces the development and the new trend of the open-close diaper closure system.


1、The main components of the diaper closure system

What we call an open-and-close diaper closure system consists mainly of the following parts: frontal tape, side tape, elastic waistband. The whole closed system accounts for about 15% of the production cost of diapers. ts quality and performance is closely related to the quality and performance of diapers.

The design of a perfect closed system is essential to the comfort of the diaper and helps to keep the diaper close to the body, preventing side and rear leaks and allowing the baby to move freely while wearing the diaper.

2. The development and current situation of the diaper closure system

The development and present situation of material technology of frontal tape and side tape

With the development of new material science and technology, the development of the closure system of open-and-close diapers has gone through several stages.

In the early days of diapers,frontal tape used polypropylene film, and side tape combined with adhesive tape. This combination effectively solved the problem of wearing diapers. When stripped and sheared, the adhesive becomes brittle and sticks to the skin, making it difficult to reuse low-end diapers.

After the appearance of magic tape, there have been many new developments in the material of frontal tape.

Polypropylene woven mesh pastes, when used with a magic tape, have good peeling and shearing properties. However,the plastic feeling is strong and not soft enough.

At this stage, compared with the soft side tape, the cost of using a non-woven frontal tape has more advantages. However, the peeling and shearing performance and stability are not as good as the downy frontal tape.

In order to meet the needs of product differentiation in the design of different diaper products. Magic tape products have also formed different composite product forms. Mainly Y type composite magic tape, s cut type composite magic tape, there is the use of large elastic ears composite magic tape.

At present, the degree of automation of at this stage, diapers production equipment automation has improved a lot. More and more manufacturers use online magic tape compound form to design more and more side tape.

Development and present situation of elastic waistband material technology

The stretch and rebound properties of elastic waistband materials will directly affect the comfort of the tape of the diapers. Early elastic waistband selection of low-cost foam materials, elastic tensile properties, and resilience are poor, now rarely used.

The closed curve of the elastic film is basically coincident. Which shows that the elastic deformation recovery degree is high. the diaper will not be relaxed and slip. At present, the capacity of diaper production equipment is greatly improved, the cost of spandex material is low. The tensile property is good, at present, elastic waistband material is widely used. For some products in the design of the structure, there is no use behind the waist elastic. However elastic materials and around the waist paste designed a unique elastic big-ear structure of the diapers.

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