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The new trend of the closure system

After continuous development and improvement, the diaper products are increasingly pursuing the humanized concept of “softness” and “thinness”. “Softness” and “thinness” are also the main development directions of the diaper closure system at the present stage.

In order to improve the softness of the magic buckle products, some specially developed super-soft type magic buckle. This kind of magic buckle is currently visible to the thinnest and soft magic buckle products, collocation of attacking midfielder with excellent peel and shear effect is the magic buckle a revolutionary product technology progress, as well as improve the diapers user comfort.

Part 1

The appearance of this super-thin magic button is in line with the trend of light and soft diapers. The left and right waist of the magic button is softer, and consumers feel better when using it, which can effectively prevent the destruction of the baby’s skin.

In order to save the production cost of the diaper, the structure of the diaper without the front sticker has attracted more and more attention. After many tests and improvements, we found that the structure of the product can be used in the new magic button technology. magic button with patterns. Directly combined with the composite magic button and the non-woven fabric of the bottom membrane of the diaper can meet the performance requirements of the diaper. The technical progress of new magic clasp products makes the design concept of this new closed system possible.

Part 2

Compared with the traditional composite magic clasp, the new composite magic clasp with a pattern can maintain a smoother and continuous peeling effect. In terms of performance, it is more suitable for the diaper product structure that directly matches the bottom membrane non-woven fabric. When directly matched with the bottom membrane non-woven fabric of the diaper, it can completely meet the performance requirements of the diaper. At the same time, this composite magic button structure with patterns can not only bring better aesthetic vision but also significantly improve the differentiation of diapers.

Part 3

At present, the domestic market of labrador pants is growing rapidly, and the main way of labrador pants is to use spandex silk full elastic waistline. With the breakthrough of elastic film technology, the mechanical direction (MD direction) stretch elastic film has also been used in the diaper design of pull up pants. This new type of pull up pants design is closer to the appearance and wearing experience of underwear than the traditional pull up pants, which greatly improves the wearing comfort of the pull-up pants users. At the same time, greatly improve the privacy of users, for adult diaper users, especially for adults with mild incontinence, the use of this panty-like diaper can effectively help reduce the psychological burden.


The development of new material technology plays a key role in improving the performance of diaper products and helps to design more humanized ideal diaper products. “Softness” and “thinness” are still the main development trend of diapers at the present stage, and more innovations should be made in the closure system of diapers for this purpose.

Under the background of the increasingly “white-hot” competition in the diaper market, a more perfect closed system will greatly promote the diaper brand differentiation and consumer awareness.

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