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The process of thermal bond nonwoven

Feeding: manually put the raw material staple fiber on the long curtain in proportion and convey it to the entrance of the mixing machine by the long curtain.

Mixing:1. Photoelectric control is used to control the amount of cotton fed into the cotton feeder. And the amount of cotton stored in the mixing machine is sent to the opening machine inlet by quantitative thickness or weight.

Opening: the feeding part is controlled by the photoelectric control of the cotton feeder to control the feeding amount, and the open good raw material staple fiber is sent to the cotton feeder by the fan through the material pipeline.

Feeding: use the photoelectric switch to control the feeding amount of feed staple fiber from the opener through the photoelectric meter on the inclined nail curtain to control the feeding amount of feed staple fiber to the inlet of the carding machine.

Precarding: the speed of the frequency converter is sent to the screen spreader by using the frequency converter to control the incoming thickness or weight.


the raw material into the network machine is sent to the main card machine through the horizontal and longitudinal cross folding of 5 layers or more laid into sheets of staple fiber.

Main carding

Frequency conversion control by sent slices of staple web machine, cylinder, work roll, strip to the carding roller staple materials will be, the doffer staple materials will be transferred to the clutter on the roller, mixed and disorderly roll will increase fiber disrupted transverse strength, peeling network roll forming network from the mixed and disorderly roll away to carry fabric curtain three-layer composite, the trimming machine-cut edge trimming into hot-rolled material through the duct to the feeder.

Hot rolling will be from the main comb into the hot rolling mill up and down the hot roll sheet raw material staple fiber through the hot roll temperature, pressure control adjustment of the process required by the temperature, pressure hot pressing forming.

* hot roller temperature by heating oil furnace will be between 235 and 240 ℃ hot oil pump into the oil in the heat of hot roll up and down.

* the hot roller pressure is supplied by the air compressor, and the compressed air enters the pressure regulating cylinder by pressing 1.2MPa up and 0.8 to 0.9MPa down through the pressure regulating device.


the products coming out of the hot mill are wound into coils through the edge gauge length, and the maximum diameter of coils is 800mm.

The finished product is inspected and weighed according to the sampling of product quality standards to detect its physical indexes.

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