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The Technology Reform and Application of Composite Core in Recent Years

The Development of Composite Core (2008-2019)

Single hanging and single materials

Due to the singleness of product requirements and the limitation of matching materials, a single material compounding machine is used.

Multiple hanging, automatic receiving and multiple combined materials

Way of Pacakging

Material Arrangement

Products Requirements

Absorbency, Thin, Absorption Time, Dry, Soft, Moisture, White, Infiltration, etc.

Production Ways

From online production to Offline production


Test data comparison of 8D Core and common composite core

New Materials Application

*Pulp Spunlace Nonwoven

*Advantages of pulp spunlace nonwoven

Good Permeablity, Cost Saver, High Absorbency, Good Diffuse, Environmental friendly, Lower the use of SAP

*Other New Spunlace Materials

Pure Cotton Spunlace Nonwoven; Pure Plant Fiber Spunlace Nonwoven; Vicose Spunlace Nonwoven

*Advantages of New Spunlace Materials

It can reduce production costs, easy to degrade and reduce environmentai impact.

It can enhance pulling force and reduce dust.

The speed of liquid infiltration is accelerated, the liquid diffusion area is also accelerated, rewet is greatly reduced, and the surface layer of sanitary articles is kept dry and comfortable.

The use of decomposable materials is more green and environmental friendly.

Online Non-woven Fabric

*Laminated Materials

Various spunlaced nonwovens using viscose, PP and ES fibers. Spunbonded, thermalbond ed, cotton cloth, gauze, silk yarn, toilet tissue, airthrough nonwovens.

*Advantages. of online Nonwoven Fabric

It has strong tensile capacity. After compounding with any formula and structure of fluffy non-woven fabric products, it can be adjusted without being limited by the stretching force. It can ensure the quality of the products without affecting the high-speed production of the equipment.

SAP will not sprinkle, greatly reduce the loss of SAP, save costs and improve the production environment at the same time. Besides SAP is more evenly distributed, increasing SAP usage and product performance.

The finished products which are made by online materials feel much softer.

Glue-free absorbent core

Pros: higher air permeability, flat, high connectivity

Cons: hard, faults after absorption

Airthrough nonwoven composite core (without bulk cotton)

Pros: simple struture, thinner

Cons:hard, less comfortable

Trends of Composite Core


Improving the air permeability, softness, absorption, dryness, less irritation, etc.

*Overseas Market

The composite core has a great influence in the world. And it will increase the development in overseas market in the future.

*Cost Performance

Providing the products which have high quality and reasonable price to the market.

*Green Environmental Protection

Using the decomposable materials and enhancing technique to reduce material.


Developing new products, online production and proposing new industrial chain services.

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