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What is OPP frontal tape for diaper

OPP frontal tape main biaxial stretch polymerized propylene film, transparent, smooth, with rich color cartoon pattern printing, with high retention and appropriate stripping force. Surface coated with a layer of off-type silicone oil and left and right when used, can be repeatedly pasted.

The average 90-degree stripping force (FM) is usually 2.5-125 n/ mm, and can be divided into light and heavy stripping depending on the size of the stripping force. The baby line usually uses a light stripping front waist patch (stripping force 2.5-1.0n, P < 0.01, P < 0.01). On the other hand, adult products use heavy peeling front-waist stickers (stripping force 5-12n). In some hot areas, the adult series will also use slightly stripped frontal tape.

OPP frontal tape according to OPP film material, also can be divided into sub-light and bright OPP frontal tape. Sub-light front waist paste, also known as extinction film, is in the BOPP food added a polishing material or through the extinction, roller to form a slightly uneven surface of the OPP, all more difficult to coating silicone oil. When applying silicone oil at high speed, there is no way to completely penetrate the low point. If the pressure-sensitive adhesive pasted around the CPP is not used properly, it is easy to have glue transfer, the stripping force is too large, and the problem is that it cannot be torn apart. Limited to some adult moderate to severe stripping of the frontal tape.

ZM Different Kinds of Frontal Tape: Non-woven frontal tape, knitted frontal tape/mechanical loop, brushed frontal tape/brushed loop/Suede loop, pp frontal tape

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